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Liquid Recs: VA ~ Build your own reactor
Régi 2005-08-01, 00:56
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Alapbeállítás Liquid Recs: VA ~ Build your own reactor


Present their debut compilation


Release date 25th July 2005

Build Your Own Reactor is collection of funky full on psychedelic trance compiled by Liquid Ross. Ross is a resident DJ and founder of the infamous Liquid Connective party organisation and also chief A&R man for Liquid Records. For the last 5 years Liquid have put on the largest of the UK’s psychedelic open-air events and have had regular sell-out nights in some of London’s largest clubs. Liquid have always had that magic ingredient and have continued to push the boundaries.

Liquid Records is one of the new projects born out of 5 years of hard work. This release celebrates 5 years of Liquid, with some of Liquid’s own artists plus some of the more established artists, but all cutting-edge. The album features the first releases by Liquid artists Fromem Ory, Morphogenetic, and also by rising star Tron. S>Range, Liquid’s newest signing showcases his new full on morning style and also an example of what to expect on his next album soon to be release on Liquid.

As well as trance compilations, Liquid also has a chill out compilation ready for release and also the solo albums of both S>Range (who has already had two massive albums on Spiral Trax) and the long awaited debut of Mexican artist Tron. But it does not stop here. Liquid are already working hard on 5.1 DVD projects with an elite team of music producers, video artists and 5.1 engineers. Watch this space, because things are about to get very interesting!


1. Scorb vs ODT - Green Eggs and Ham
2. Tron - Spirit'd Away (Diesel Campaign Remix)
3. Morphogenetic - Everything Is...
4. Voice of Cod - Heart of Gold
5. Bio-Tonic - Mathematic Shamanic
6. Z Man - Banana Gigolo
7. S>Range - Welcome To Paradise
8. Ecliptic - Not Human
9. Fromem Ory – Chameleon

Buy your copy now at Chaos Unlimited.

Scorb vs ODT - Green Eggs and Ham
Scorb, the masters of the funky night night time tunes, return with a funky-twisted-epic opener with dynamic duo ODT. Embracing the more funky club trance vibe but still maintaining the twisted textures. Superbly received by many DJs as a new summer anthem.

Tron - Spirit'D Away (Diesel Campaign Rmx)
New Mexican talent and master of the full on daytime sound, Tron shows his more deep funky full-on side with this dance floor remix of 'Spirit' (original out on AP Record's next Psycomex release). Tron's album 'Existence' will be released at the end of the year on Liquid. Expect to hear a lot more of this name!

Morphogenetic - Everything Is...
Morphogenetic is the full-on trance project of chill master Slack Baba, where he is already making a big name for himself. Jonnys’ trance project is true night time twisted sensation, and his debut here on Liquid confirms a promising future in trance.

Voice of Cod - Heart of Gold
Colin Oood and Andrew Humphries need no introduction. Between the both of them their input into the dance scene has been well received. Voice of Cod, their newest project, definitely brings the best out of their duel talent. Heart of Gold is a dance floor ripper bringing together the best sounds
of the old school vibe and the kicking projection and style of modern and future times.

Bio-Tonic - Mathematic Shamanic
The French trio have released many tracks on Solstice, and offer a more full on edge with this dancefloor rocker. Combining tender note, super twisted dynamics, and well crafted samples, Mathematic Shamanic brings out the best to date of the Bio-Tonic boys.

Z Man - Banana Gigolo
Jonas's work in the field is well noted with Logic Bomb and Hux Flux, so it’s no surprise his solo project Z Man is just stunning. Very clever kicks and bass lines, here the pinnacle of morning trance is showcased... soft centred but rocking. His unique style and sound makes him hard to categorize but definitely he is by far one of the best producers of modern times.

S>Range - Welcome to Paradise
Anthony Sillfors returns again, this time with a full on morning blaster, mixing both hard edged trance with dub grooves, show casing his new style and a sneak preview of what to expect from his third album 'Another Theory'. S>Range is Liquid's newest signing, and his work here is by far his best to date.

Ecliptic - Not Human
The mighty Mexican duo Ecliptic are about to explode on the trance scene with the support of record label Maia. There sound is a unique blend of full-on twisted fun, great for daytime carnage and dance floor magic. Funky as hell. Most definately a gem in the trance scene.

Fromem Ory - Chameleon
Canadian born and Kent bread trancer Alex Story is probably one of the hottest talents to emerge in the UK scene. His grasp on melodies and funky morning sound is sublime. His first encounter with trance was at a Liquid party, and almost 5 years on he returns to join Liquid on their campaign.

We would LOVE to play some CD Release parties worldwide!!! Weve already unleashed our tunes at Psychedelic Dream Temple (PsyDMT) in Camden, London, UK. You will also hear tracks from the CD and see Tron and Voice Of Cod live at Tribe Of Frog 02 July, 2005 at The Black Swan in Bristol, UK... and also July 8 Cambridge is hosting a Reactor release party with the whole Liquid crew on hand to funk out the dancefloor!

Look for Liquid artists at these future dates and festivals not only in the UK but Worldwide! Click on name of party for more info.If you are interested in booking a CD Release party or to book S>Range | Tron | Voice Of Cod | Fromem Ory, or Morphogenetic Live acts...... or Liquid Ross DJ set, give us a shout by mail. robin@triskelemanagement.com and well do everything we can to make it happen for you !

Love and Light,

Robin & Rob

Triskele Management | www.triskelemanagement.com

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Régi 2005-08-01, 00:59
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Hely: on the 7th floor :)
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errr, our fest is called OZORA i think you should use the EDIT button
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Régi 2005-08-05, 20:44
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ozara ahahah
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Régi 2005-08-06, 18:09
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Apologies. Edited.

All the same... it looks like a rockin fest this time.
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