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Outersect ~ Caldera :: Heart's Eye Records
Régi 2007-08-18, 21:52
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Alapbeállítás Outersect ~ Caldera :: Heart's Eye Records

9 tracks in a variety of psychedelic downtempo styles ranging from dub to ethnotechno by San Francisco artist Outersect.

Outersect ~ Caldera

Release date: 24th August 2007

Outersect (Rob Rayle) has immersed himself in the Psy/Chill scene of San Fransico for over a decade. His worldwide debut solo album, "Caldera" reflects his many experiences, lessons and involvements. Rob has released tracks on many labels including Ceiba of San Fran, Hadshot of Germany and Edgecore of Australia, and has engineered several of Goa Gil's mix CDs. To describe his music as "downtempo electronica" would be using the term loosely... "Caldera" is as organic, emotive and poetic as a shed tear of joy. A spiritually motivated album featuring collaborations with many brilliant instrumentalists and vocalists combined with his own sound manipulation mastery, "Caldera" is Outersect's intuitive and accomplished attempt to reach out to people using spiritual psychedelic music and to help them move towards a higher understanding.



Dil La Liya
Outersect introduces his musical magic carpet ride with brilliant atonal synth strings and an intricate, masterful percussion segment which calms and lifts the mind from the outset. Accompanied by gifted violinist and environmental activist Briana Waters and Punjabi wordplay, Dil La Liya is gripping, emotive and laced with bittersweetness.

Light Universe
Bouyant, sanguine drum segments form the cobblestones of this bouncy dancescape while brilliant synth pads branching into happy melodies provide vaulted ceilings and walls of sound. "Light Universe" plays out nicely and smooth... a musical metaphor, this track features subtly dark sounds and elements and provokes them to show their inner positivity.

Inspired by a chant to the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, this amazing track features heavily detailed synths, great superconscious rhythms and inimically altered vocals. This track exudes spirituality and soul, all to an especially groovy beat you can dance to!

All Eyes
Sultry female vocalist Satsumi accompanies Outersect's ingenious arrangements in this piece, a aort of tribalesque dub-fusion with a dash of Arabia for ethnic, worldly flavor! From the vocals to the highly tweaked synths and rhythms, this track is organic, groovalicious and psychedelic all rolled into one, and deservedly had landed play time, in the popular indie film "Beauty 24".

The last child bride of the Prophet of Islam lends her name to this Eastern-influenced track. Shakuhachi flute, hand-driven percussion ensembles and airy, floating vocals by Betsy Cardis all compliment Outersect's impressive synth prowess here creating a real chilled-out groover that opens up worlds behind closed eyelids.

La Ilaha Il Allah
Downtempo bassbreaks and a bouncy, filtered synth rhythm add undertones of funk to tension-building electronic assonance. Briana Waters makes another stellar appearance with her gypsy-esque violin sounds. The distinct Mediterranean feel of this track will make bellydancers out of the most stoic and impassive of souls!

Empty Arrow
Traditional Arabic instruments, scales, and vocal styles create fields of atonal dissasociativeness, helping to loosen those annoying preconcieved notions and perceptions of yours. A wonderful mind-relaxer, this musical meditation inducer is full of dissonance and more hypnotic than an army of Moroccan snake charmers!

Seismic Weasle (Outersect Mix)
This track moves closer to the middle of the dancefloor, with thick breaks as the foundation for funky saw waves and chunky bass. Layers of vision-inducing synth salivations your feet can easily relate to flow atop. From the beat on up, each aspect of sound is meaty, heavy and clean and adds spice to the breakbeat lover's playlist.

Bliss Ma (Outersect Mix)
A pleasant outro to a standout chillout album, "Bliss Ma" reflects upon Outersect's experiences within magical California forests... with vocals by the group Kali's Angels amidst gently pupating digital sounds and easy, relaxing hand drumming, "Bliss Ma" is perfectly pure chillage, cozy, palatial, earthy, and at the end returning you softly back to sensory reality.


“Hey, that tune is gorgeous. Stunning trance-inducing ambient loaded with layers of shimmer and shine.”
Bassnectar - OM Records, SF

“Thanks for the prerelease CD and congratulations, great tracks. The CD would do well in the store. I played it today and a couple of people already asked for it.”
Peter Zeigelmeier – Ceiba Records and Ceiba Store, SF

“perfick - an album that flows to a beautiful ending - i can see a couple of tunes getting regular airings in my DJ sets”
Dave-Arc-I - Sunday Chill Out www.psystream.net

Exclusive worldwide distribution through SaikoSounds | www.saikosounds.com | rob@saikosounds.com |

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Régi 2007-08-30, 23:52
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Alapbeállítás Re: Outersect ~ Caldera :: Heart's Eye Records

Out now !!!

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