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EarthAngel 2020-01-26 04:00

Interview with RIGEL

It is very rare that Rigel will do an interview, but with so much positivity happening within the brightest stars career right now he agreed to join us on the Psylicious Interview sofa too answer a few questions for his fans.

Known for his quirky production and plethora of remixes and live sets 2019 saw the release of his fifth studio album release on Ovnimoon Records ‘Creativity Portals’ that has also opened up the portals for Rigels 2020 World Tour.

Now comfortably into 2020 the year has started with an almighty bang for Rigel that includes his recent signing to new Canadian Psy Trance label – Metabolizm Records!

So here we are, reflecting over the past year and what is coming up in the future, keep reading, enjoy!

Read the full interview: Click Here

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