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MAFIA DANCE FESTIVAL - 2010.Aug.1-15 - blog 2.

Posted 2010-03-02 at 04:45 by Panadero
Updated 2010-03-02 at 05:15 by Panadero

Alternative Stage lineup

Enjoy the Nature, relax and have a tea while listening both downtempo and midtempo music. Ambient, World and Experimental Music at its best! No Techno-Minimal or anything uptempo in this stage but with surprise Dj Sets!


EAT STATIC, Mesmobeat/TIP/Twisted Rec - UK (Special 2 Hour...
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Ozora Festival@DeepSmile After

Posted 2009-08-09 at 14:49 by Xaile

The line up is (in order of appearance)

Turbopauza live (Human Touch)
Btom live
Beyond live (Phantasm, Procyon)
AuraFood live
Artifact 303 live (Moonquest)
Lucid Sound live (Human Touch)
Snag the Sunshepherd live (Cosmogenesis)
Maitreya live
Spectralhead aka Scoofy live
Green Cosmos live
Xaile (FutureFolk Production) live
J.I.S. live / Czellux
Pretonica live Szundi &...
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